MC Weekly News Roundup 10/24: Fun Facts about Railroads


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Stanford’s Evelyn Douek and Alex Stamos weigh in on the latest online trust and safety news and developments:

  • The Wire retracted recent coverage of Meta and will conduct an internal review of past coverage by staff involved with the reporting. - The Wire
  • French police are investigating severed fiber-optic cables that disrupted internet and phone services in the Marseille area. Alex urges caution before jumping to any conclusions. John Leicester/ Associated Press
  • Turkey's parliament voted to adopt a law that could send social media users to jail for up to three years for spreading false information to "create fear and disturb public order" despite free speech and media freedom concerns. - Reuters
  • Brazilian authorities granted the power to order that online platforms remove content to the country’s elections chief who also sits on the supreme court. - Jack Nicas/ The New York Times
  • Kiwi Farms was available at its original URL over the last month but is back down. - Ellie Hall/ BuzzFeed
  • The Republican National Committee sued Google over alleged spam filtering bias. It still has not enrolled in a new pilot program Google created with FEC approval to address those concerns. - Sara Fischer, Ashley Gold/ Axios
  • Elon may very well buy Twitter — could an alternative platform pop up? - Perry Bacon Jr./ The Washington Post (commentary)

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Moderated Content is produced in partnership by Stanford Law School and the Cyber Policy Center. Special thanks to John Perrino for research and editorial assistance.

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