No Bets Barred: Betting Big On Kayla Harrison At The 2022 PFL Championships


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There's not UFC event this weekend but that doesn't mean there isn't some serious fight action as the PFL hosts their 2022 Championships at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and so you know the No Bets Barred boys had to get some bets down.

First, co-hosts Conner Burks and Jed Meshew discuss a successful week betting on UFC Vegas 65 before hopping into breakdowns for all SIX title fights at the PFL Championships. Conner will be in attendance so he places wagers on almost every fight on the card, while Jed debates an All In bet on Kayla Harrison and offers up a few live dogs he thinks are worth a play.

Tune in for Episode 26 of No Bets Barred.


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