MLX: Opinionated ML Pipelines in MLflow // Xiangrui Meng // Coffee Sessions #112


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MLOps Coffee Sessions #112 with Xiangrui Meng, Principal Software Engineer of Databricks, MLX: Opinionated ML Pipelines in MLflow co-hosted by Vishnu Rachakonda.
// Abstract
MLX is to enable data scientists to stay mostly within their comfort zone utilizing their expert knowledge while following the best practices in ML development and delivering production-ready ML projects, with little help from production engineers and DevOps.
// Bio
Xiangrui Meng is a Principal Software Engineer at Databricks and an Apache Spark PMC member. His main interests center around simplifying the end-to-end user experience of building machine learning applications, from algorithms to platforms and to operations.
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[00:00] Introduction to Xiangrui Meng
[00:39] Takeaways
[02:09] Xiangrui's background
[03:38] What kept Xiangrui in Databricks
[07:33] What needs to be done to get there
[09:20] Machine Learning passion of Xiangrui
[11:52] Changes in building that keep you fresh for the future
[14:35] Evolution core challenges to real-time and use cases in real-time
[17:33] DevOps + DataOps + ModelOps = MLOps
[19:21] MLFlow Support
[21:37] Notebooks to production debates
[25:42] Companies tackling Notebooks to production
[27:40] MLOoops stories
[31:03] Opinionated MLOps productionizing in a good way
[40:23] Xiangrui's MLOps Vision
[44:47] Lightning round
[48:45] Wrap up

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