MLM SS 255: 5 Wisdom Of The Ages Truths For Young, Newbie, Network Marketers In Their 20’s Who Want To Become MLM Rockstars!


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Ok, you are in your twenties, you want to live in a mansion, fly in your own private plane around the country, be on the cover of magazines, have limos pick you up everywhere you go, be on hundreds of TV stations, need security guards to walk with you everywhere at big events to keep the crowds away.

Dale says, I have been there and done it, and honestly, I wasn’t looking for any of that. “I just wanted to make $100,000 a year without a Boss” But if you are in your twenties, and you want to live your personal dream lifestyle, WHATEVER THAT MEANS FOR YOU …. the wisdom of the ages truths that Dale will share with you in this session will be some of the most valuable advice you will receive over your network marketing career.

So get out your journal and get ready to notes.

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