MLM SS 254: How to Control Your Own Financial Destiny in Network Marketing - “Network Marketing Lead Generation 5.0”


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Success in network marketing is created by becoming the right person, not finding the right person. You build people, people will build the business. Some people can build a following of distributors with the skill sets, contacts, social media presence, and credibility they have when they enter the profession, BUT DUPLICATING TEAMS CAN ONLY BE BUILT SEQUENTIALLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY.

There is a formula to replacing your current full-time income and then financial independence with the network marketing business model.

Personally recruiting 3-5 new customers/distributors a month will lead you to 3 of the right people a year that WANT IT AS BAD AS YOU DO. You do this for 3 years you are now not just a superstar in your company, but one of the elite network marketers in the entire industry.

So the question becomes, how do you recruit 3-5 new team members a month? That and much more will be discussed in this session of the MLM Success podcast.

Websites and resources listed in this session:



The 4 Stages of a Movement.

Network Marketing is a Scam

It couldn’t happen with a USA MLM Start-Up Company.

Direct Outreach Recruiting

MLM Gateway Scam

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