Episode 41: Sophisticated Chill 12


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I'm always unsure of how my Chill sets will be received because it's pretty rare to hear this genre of music mixed into a DJ set. I wouldn't say the music is rare, per se. I'd just say that it being mixed as a DJ set is. But I was always attracted to the melodic and emotional side of music and I have always insisted on having my heart lead the way on my musical endeavors -- so here we are. From the very beginning I tried to stay true to myself and not allow a desire to please the masses cause me or my sound to change. If you've been listening to me for years then you know that my sound is two things at once: nothing like was in the early years and exactly the same as it ever was. Seems crazy, but it's true. I wear this as badge of honor.

If you're a new follower of mine...I ask you to keep an open mind. You've probably not heard any of this music presented in a DJ mixed format. For me...it's both super easy and astonishingly hard to do sets like this. Because this music pushes my buttons in all the right ways...it's super easy to conceive because my heart is the driver. But technically it's almost impossible to mix music like this together. So I have to be crazy clever and creative in how I do my blends. Please do forgive me if a mix or two is less than perfect. Essentially none of these songs were formatted to be mixed in the way I that I do it.

About this music: This is the very same music that I present on my Sophisticated Morning sets, just chugging along at a considerably slower pace (102 to 107 bpm). I've intentionally designed this series to be versatile enough to be anything from "typical everyday background music" to "dancing your way into the late night/early morning hours" music. OK enough of my ramblings. On to the music. As always...I've mixed this set with every ounce of love that I've got to give. From my heart...to your ears.

01. Matoma, A R I Z O N A/Heart So Big
02. Patrick Baker/Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
03. LVNDSCAPE/Dive/Extended Mix
04. Becky Hill/You Got The Love/Live In London
05. Jules Buckley/Sweet Harmony/Original Mix
06. Olivia Sebastianelli/Wishing Well/Extended Mix
07. Kygo/Permanent/Original Mix
08. Christina Novelli/Beautiful/Extended Mix
09. DJ Licious/Ripples/Extended Mix
10. Able Faces/Without You/Extended Mix
11. Dutchkid/Light On/Original Mix
12. Forester/Radio Snow/Original Mix
13. ODESZA/Light Of Day/Original Mix
14. Zara Larsson/With Every Heartbeat/Orchestral Version
15. Du0/Lost For A Little While/Original Version
16. We The Lion/You/Original Version
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