021 I can do it all myself!


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When last did you struggle with something for weeks or months? Anything. A body part not working well, a goal that didn’t come to fruition, stagnation in your career or business, a weight loss plan you didn’t follow, an exercise plan you didn’t stick with or any other thing that you just couldn’t solve by yourself…… How do you handle those situations? Do you keep struggling and eventually give up? Or do you struggle along for years, not happy but not giving up? And start blaming or judging yourself because you’re not able to make progress? (“I SHOULD be able to do this - what’s wrong with me?”) Or do you ask for help from an expert who can point to the origin and help you sort it out? Recently I had a fantastic example of this kind of struggle in my own life. And I'm sharing some tips about finding the right support so you don't have to struggle.

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