No Time for Menopause?


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I remember creating time to get my hair done and nails to ensure the outside looks good. But I didn't seem to have the time to do things that are good for the exercise, self care, rest. I remember thinking I don't have time to deal with these menopausal symptoms I was experiencing. I was just hoping that they would just go away on their own. I was wrong.
I've learned from my business coach that "time is a decision." We can decide how we spend our time. And I decided that I had to create time to take care of ME. This included listening to my body and figuring out what I needed to feel whole again.
In this episode, I discuss the importance of investing our time in taking care of ourselves especially during the menopausal transition.
Are you a professional woman of color over 40 who wants to pivot to something new in your career or start a business but feel overwhelmed by menopausal symptoms?
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