Baltimore Poet Kondwani Fidel and MD's Poet Laureate Grace Cavalieri


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Now, we turn our attention to two of Maryland’s most prominent voices in the world of poetry.

A little later in the program, Tom speaks with our state’s poet laureate, Grace Cavalieri. But we're joined first by Baltimore poet Kondwani Fidel. Last year, he released his debut poetry EP “The Mud Was Made For Us.” He’s also the author of the non-fiction book, The Anti-Racist: How to Start the Conversation About Race and Take Action, and he’s featured in the short film, Hummingbirds in the Trenches. He holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. He’s a professor at Coppin State University.

Kondwani Fidel joins us on Zoom.

Poet, playwright and author Grace Cavalieri has served as Maryland’s poet laureate since 2018. She’s written 26 books and chapbooks of poetry, and she’s had more than two dozen plays produced in theaters across the country. Her latest books are called Grace Art: Poems and Painting, and The Secret Letters of Madame de Staél . Grace is also the founder of The Poet and the Poem, a radio show and later, a podcast that she has hosted for 44 years. It’s currently available through the Library of Congress.

Grace Cavalieri joins us on Zoom from Annapolis.

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