Ep. 144 - Zindel Segal, Ph.D.


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For episode 144 of the Metta Hour, Sharon speaks with Zindel Segal, Ph.D.

Zindel is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He has written over ten books, and 180 scientific publications, including The Mindful Way Through Depression, and recently co-founded MindfulNoggin.com, a website for mindfulness-based clinical care for managing depression and anxiety. In this conversation, Sharon and Zindel discuss the nuanced relationship between mindfulness practice and mental health. Zindel shares some of his research about when and how Mindfulness practice can aid recovery from clinical depression, and anxiety, as well as some of the new challenge folks are facing now from the pandemic. The episode closes with Zindel leads a 3-minute guided meditation practice on the breath. Learn more about Zindel’s work, visit mindfulnoggin.com

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