Ep. 139 – Real Change Series: Jana Kiser


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For episode 139 of the Metta Hour, Sharon speaks with Jana Kiser.

Jana Kiser is a social entrepreneur and Harvard-trained educator. She has more than twenty years of experience partnering with youth, adults, and communities in their pursuit of equity, justice, and peace. Jana founded Global Learning, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to education for peace and justice, and served as Global Learning’s Executive Director for thirteen years. She has also served for six years as the Executive Director of Redwood City 2020. This collective impact organization addresses inequity and the effects of poverty through health and wellness programming.

This is episode twelve of the Real Change Podcast series. In this conversation, Jana and Sharon speak about Jana’s work in Puerto Rico to support community healing in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. They talk about Jana’s history and what brought her to the path of meditation and activism. They speak about some of the themes from “Real Change,” particularly how Jana has cultivated resilience throughout her activism career and what tools she uses to remain balanced and grounded. The episode closes with Jana leading a thirteen-minute body scan meditation practice. Learn more about Jana's offerings at janakiser.com

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