021: Braxton Cook - The Challenge of Growth, Marriage n' Music, & Mayo


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Hello everyone and welcome to the Mental Jiujitsu Podcast. I'm your host, Jonathan (but you can call me Mirth), and I hope you enjoy your stay while you're here. In this episode, I am joined by one of my favorite musicians on the planet, Braxton Cook. Listening to Braxton share the context of the origins of his music-making process, makes it that much more rich and engaging. Music is an art, a craft that is embedded in every culture, and among many other things, is a healing force. Whether you're a musician or not, I hope that you'll enjoy this conversation as Braxton shares his thoughts on what it means to make music in troubling times, using challenge for growth, how his personal relationships have helped him and vice-versa, underrated artists, misconceptions about musicians, and among other things, food and why he dislikes condiments (especially mayo). To listen to Braxton's work or keep up with his latest projects, you can follow him on IG @braxton_cook, go to braxtoncook.com, or look up his music on Spotify and Youtube. I had a phenomenal time recording this episode, and I hope you feel that energy as you listen. Enjoy.

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