EP 81 - Thanks For Popping My Balloon


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EP 81 - "Thanks For Popping My Balloon!" Steve and Caroline talk about the NYC mayoral race and ranked choice voting and Caroline takes the pulpit to rant about how misinformation has contributed to a lower vaccination rate. Finally, we chat with Nathan Schneider, a journalist, author and professor of media studies at University of Colorado - Boulder, where he focuses on building democratic ownership and governance over online platforms. An interesting discussion about the dangers of misinformation, building successful co-operative models, and how we can apply protocols from past/ancient systems of governance to build a better online community. You can find Nathan's book, Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition That Is Shaping the Next Economy at bookshop.org - a terrific online bookseller that supports local bookstores. Hosted by Caroline Aaron and Steve Saporito. Produced by Eric Anderson.

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