Timing the Financial Market Using Tarot with The Investor Prophet


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#19 Step into the game with the MA girls to learn about a one of a kind tarot system used to time financial markets that was developed in secret for over 20 years. Kapproveb is known as “The Investor Prophet” and is the CEO of Tarot for Traders. He uses Eso-Meta (a third form of analysis), which is the joining of knowledge and intuition, while taking into account extrasensory perception, technical analysis, and astrology to forecast human and market behavior with high levels of accuracy. As a former Wall Street stockbroker, he now carries close to 98% accuracy in timing the market by the hour, and sometimes even down to the minute.

Some topics discussed include:

Development of the Tarot for Trading system, trading against computers, AI influencing human behavior in the markets, meta-patterns, predicting the S&P 500, fractals, holograms, astrology, forms of extrasensory perception, clairaudience, clairsentience, astral projection, claircognizance, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, psychokinesis, the concept of infinity, Bitcoin, synchronistic happenings, intuiting,

developing/perfecting abilities, practical metaphysics, spiritual awakening, law of attraction, the golden rule, multi-dimensional reality, meta-analysis, tarot spreads, tarot decks, quantum physics, double slit experiment, infinite probability, timeline jumping, raising vibrations, controlling your mind, meditation, subconscious and conscious thoughts, manifestation, and so much more
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