Maximizing Health and Wealth to Exit the Matrix with Ryan Aleckzander


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#49: Step into the game with the MA girls for Ryan Aleckzander’s second guest appearance to discuss exiting the matrix by gaining health and wealth. Ryan is the author of “Fake Diseases: Exposing the “Secrets” of Mainstream Healthcare,” featured on episode 15 of Matrix Assassins and the author of his latest book, “Everything You Should Know About Healthy Blood Sugar: Simple Strategies to Conquer Almost Any Health Problem.” Halfway through the episode, Ryan and the MA girls take a hard left to discuss revised history, mud floods, and phantom events/people.

Some topics discussed include:
Exiting the matrix through health and wealth, pros and cons of homesteading/off-grid living, communal living, changing the system from within, leveraging the matrix with realistic strategies, financial freedom, taking money away from the beast system, Zeitgeist, aligning investments with personal values, navigating paying taxes, society’s normalization of alcohol, reinvesting wealth, lowering expenses, conscious money management, coffee shop economy, supporting local commerce, taking 10% of income to invest in other things, financial laws, living on less than you make, mud floods, Tartaria, Anatoly Fomenko, rewriting history, revised history, phantom events and phantom people, previous resets, faked documents, fake news, projecting backwards, obscure knowledge, destruction of the old world, dying arts, lost skills, the value of apprenticeships, Ryan’s tips to exit the matrix, creating businesses of the future, and so much more.

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