Is Lyme Disease a Bioweapon with Kris Newby


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#33: Step into the game with the MA girls to uncover the secrets of Lyme Disease- one of the most controversial and misdiagnosed conditions of our time. Kris Newby reveals the secret role of bug-borne biological weapons and raises terrifying questions about the genesis of the tick-borne disease epidemic affecting millions of Americans. Kris is an author and award-winning science writer at Stanford University and the senior producer of the Lyme Disease documentary, Under Our Skin, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and became a 2010 Oscar semifinalist.

Some topics discussed include:

Lyme disease, bug-born biological weapons, tick borne diseases, biological warfare experiments, Lyme testing, Lyme treatment, symptoms of Lyme disease, Under Our Skin documentary, reasons for the suppression of treatment, how Lyme spread throughout the US, Operation Sea-Spray, Agent Orange, Lone Star ticks, red meat allergy, radioactive ticks, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, GMO mosquito release, DDT, unintended consequences of biological experiments, importance of aggressive early treatment of tick diseases, if bitten send tick in for testing, signs to watch for after getting bitten,, Lyme specialists, autoimmune theory, chronic fatigue, Invisible International, how to prevent tick bites, and so much more.

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