10 Keys To Achieving Greatness with Roger Kitchen


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We are all searching to be great, but what are the steps to actually build more greatness in our lives?

Here is an exclusive feature hosted by MPGA on mental performance training with the founder and creator of Power Mental Performance, Roger Kitchen.

Roger is an accomplished powerlifting champion. He holds national title, numerous state records, and a world deadlifting record in powerlifting. What’s unique about Roger’s position is that not only is he an accomplished record holding competitor - he is also a brilliant mental performance coach. Roger has a unique take on mental performance because he utilizes his own teachings to help him win world records, and he has also built himself a nice practice helping others do the same at Power Mental Performance Training.

This MPGA event will dive into 10 solid things you can learn and start doing today to pursue GREATNESS in your life and your game.
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