Espanyol Post-game show: RDT, bad defense, confusion, and more.


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On this episode, Kiyan Sobhani and Euan McTear discuss:

  • Real Madrid's starting lineup vs Espanyol
  • The production from the wingbacks (zero)
  • Problem with four central midfielders
  • Why doesn't Carlo Ancelotti trust Miguel Gutierrez?
  • Carlo's explanation for playing David Alaba as left back
  • Does Carlo know who his best XI is yet?
  • Slow starts
  • Problems that Embarda / Darder / Raul de Tomas caused us
  • Ancelotti's subs
  • When the offense cools down, chaos is bad
  • Karim Benzema's performance
  • Crazy Benzema stats
  • Eden Hazard off the bench
  • Nacho's gambles
  • Will Ronald Koeman still be coach for El Clasico?
  • And more.

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