Las Blancas Podcast: Champions League Group Stage Debut; Lorena Navarro Rising To The Occasion


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On this episode of Las Blancas Podcast, Om Arvind and Grant Little discuss:

  • What it feels like to win again
  • The back three
  • Claudia Florentino’s strange midfield position and her performance
  • WFC Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv’s defensive strategy
  • Real Madrid’s horrible start and complete lack of confidence
  • The team not being used to the expectations and being unprepared to deal with a crisis
  • Lorena Navarro’s player of the match performance
  • Lorena’s mentality, maturity, and leadership as a 20-year-old
  • Lorena’s box positioning and ability to win headers as one of the shortest players around
  • Claudia Zornoza shooting from range too much
  • Athenea del Castillo as a striker
  • Nahikari García’s best link-up game yet
  • Kharkiv’s defensive adjustments in the second half
  • The ridiculous physicality of the match and the referee’s inability to control proceedings
  • The hilarious yellow card allocation
  • Caroline Møller Hansen finally getting the chance to show off her stuff
  • Marta Corredera finally getting to play as a striker
  • David Aznar doing his first ever press conferences?
  • Manuel Merinero’s troubling history as an ex-CD Tacón/Real Madrid Femenino Sporting Director and why he should not be a commentator for DAZN

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