Vinny and Benzema strike again to take down Valencia at Mestalla


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On this episode, Kiyan Sobhani and Om Arvind discuss:

  • Vinicius Jr's performance vs Valencia
  • The Benzema - Vinicius connection
  • Eden Hazard's performance
  • His central role / new phase of his career
  • Dani Carvajal's situation
  • Carlo Ancelotti's reasoning for not playing Miguel Gutierrez
  • What happened to Lucas Vazquez since last season?
  • Casemiro's struggles dealing with pressure
  • The Eduardo Camavinga - Isco double pivot
  • Real Madrid's press
  • David Alaba's performance
  • Break down Valencia's goal
  • The Casemiro issue, and solutions without him
  • Vinicius Jr now vs Marcos Asensio 2017
  • And more.

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