Las Blancas Podcast: Reacting To A Thoroughly Humbling Defeat Against Levante


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On this episode of Las Blancas Podcast, Om Arvind and Grant Little discuss:

  • Thoughts on the lineup and rotations
  • Evaluating Real Madrid’s transfer strategy and the need for a defensive midfielder
  • Levante’s brilliant opener and the warning signs for Las Blancas
  • Telling it how it was in regard to our defense
  • Lucía Rodríguez’s rough start to life in a white shirt
  • Giving Levante their due credit
  • The slightest of possible positives in regard to our double pivot
  • The two Madrid players who had decent matches
  • Claudia Zornoza’s defensive weaknesses being magnified
  • Whether any combination of subs could’ve changed anything
  • The nuances that need sorting out in the Esther González-Nahikari García partnership
  • Rocío Gálvez’s poor showing
  • Breaking down the awful defending on the three second-half goals conceded
  • Alba Redondo rising to the offensive burden placed on her shoulders
  • Looking towards the UWCL and Manchester City

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Hosts this week:

Om Arvind (@OmVAsports)

Grant Little (@grantlittle09)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)


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