Munchkin Land #656: Spiel des Jahres Nominations are out!


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Dan Patriss is back with a look at the latest news in the gaming world.

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Spiel des Jahres Nominations are out!

Marvel Champions Campaign Expansion: Mutant Genesis Q3/4’22 $45

CGE will release Starship Captains-- Nov 22 $60

Ares Games- teased the release of War of the Ring: the Card Game (not much info yet known) Late ‘22

Plan B/Next Move Announced a special limited edition of Azul-- Azul:Master Chocolatier Same basic game but tiles look like chocolates, and other side of basic player boards will have some new rules/effects Essen ‘22 (No price yet but $35-45? Due to Limited/Special Ed.?)

Asmodee along with Level 99 Announced an expansion for Bullet , Bullet Star June ‘22 $40

Stand alone expansion which can be combined with Bullet Heart

The Op will release party game Venn June ‘22 $25





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