Major Spoilers Podcast #954: The Holiday Special


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It's a holiday special and that means all of your old friends are here! We've got Yummy: The History of Desserts, Checkmate #6 from DC Comics, Hellboy: A Christmas Underground from Dark Horse Comics, and Spider-Man's Tangled Web #21!

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Writer: Victoria Grace
Artist: Victoria Grace
Publisher: Random House Graphic
Have you ever wondered who first thought to freeze cream? Or when people began making sweet pastry shells to encase fruity fillings? With her graphic novel debut, cartoonist Victoria Grace has cooked up a colorful and comprehensive history of seven desserts: ice cream, cake, brownies, donuts, pie, gummies, and cookies in YUMMY: A HISTORY OF DESSERTS. The non-fiction graphic novel takes readers on a fun adventure through sweet culinary history with facts, and legends, and also includes easy-to-make recipes for readers to try at home.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 23, 2021

The shocking finale to the DC spy event of the year. Everything is revealed…and only one will survive the showdown between Checkmate and Leviathan. Also, who is the Daemon Rose, and why does he have a gun pointed at Superman’s face? Plus: Mr. King’s identity revealed, as well as the reason he has sacrificed everything to bring Checkmate back!


Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Mike Mignola
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: 2015
Hellboy spends Christmas underground with dead guys in a full-length story full of weird yuletide cheer.

Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Artist: Darwyn Cooke and Jay Bone
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: 2003
A standalone holiday story written by Darwyn Cooke

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