(Matt Monday): How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone You Want


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Have you ever created an entire relationship in your head before going on a date with someone? Perhaps you’ve been texting with them for weeks and have already deduced they could be “The One,” or maybe you live for the two minutes of conversation you have with them before spin class.

And in order to fan the flames of your excitement, you turn into a social media detective, where their posts and information become “compatibility clues” that either build up or tear down the relationship you’ve created in your mind . . . Unfortunately, living in our heads in this way can turn into obsessing, and render us incapable of feeling excited about anything other than seeing or hearing from that person. In other words, they occupy a space in our minds they’ve not yet earned!

In this week’s new video, I share with you the mindsets that can both help and hurt you in dating, as well as the best way to determine if you and this person could really work out.


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