Pascal Siakam's integration, Jayson Tatum's playmaking and more ahead of Raptors vs. Celtics w/ John Karalis


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In Episode 1054, Sean Woodley is joined by John Karalis (Locked On Celtics) to tee up Wednesday night's Raptors-Celtics tilt at TD Garden. Off the top, Sean asks John what everyone's been wondering: what the hell is going on in Boston this year? They dig into the not so good vibes with the Celtics, and how they've slowly begun to crawl out of their early season funk. Then, John grills Sean on the Raptors, including how Pascal Siakam's return to the Raptors will affect the way the team plays as he continues to integrate himself back into the mix, and just how surprising Scottie Barnes' emergence has been. Lastly, they take a look at some of the matchups and storylines they're watching going into Wednesday night's game.

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