Pascal Siakam's highs and lows vs. the Jazz & Kings & adjusting to life without OG Anunoby


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In Episode 1061, Sean Woodley goes solo to sort through his big takeaways from the Toronto #Raptors 119-103 loss to the Jazz on Thursday night, and the bounce back effort on Friday in Sacramento, where Pascal Siakam powered the team to a 108-89 victory. Off the top, Sean digs into Pascal Siakam's extremely rough Thursday night effort and tries to diagnose where things went wrong against a #Jazz team that he normally cooks, before praising Siakam for an incredible 32 point night on 10-of-12 shooting against the #Kings, as well as dig into why his comments after the game might have been the most encouraring part of all. Next, Sean addresses the loss of OG Anunoby for "a while" to a hip pointer, and examines why his absence was such an issue against the Jazz, why life without him promises to be difficult, and how his absence could really tell us some things about Scottie Barnes, who has very clearly started to run up against a bit of a wall after a meteoric start to the season. Lastly, Sean hands out of two Dude of the Game awards to a pair of very deserving winners.

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