Mailbag: Fred VanVleet's playmaking, wins vs. development & Raptors white whales w/ Josh Hart


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In Episode 1015, Sean and Josh Hart (Yahoo Sports Canada) team up to take questions from you, the listeners! They kick off with questions about Fred VanVleet's assist totals this coming season, as well whether wins and losses or development are the thing to focus on this season for the Raptors. Next, they answer questions about players that never appeared on the Raptors but Sean and Josh always wanted in Toronto anyway, as well as ways in which the Raptors can guarantee themselves a playoff or play-in spot in the East. To close things out, a trio of questions from the same listener cover the players Dalano Banton and Malachi Flynn should watch to help inform their own games, when the Raptors will win 50 games again, and of course, Andrea Bargnani.

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