Getting to know Toronto's Dalano Banton, and the Raptors' search for a new identity w/ Katie Heindl


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In Episode 1013 of Locked On Raptors, Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl chat about Katie's recent piece about Dalano Banton for Yahoo! Sports Canada before having a broader chat about the Raptors' search for a new team identity following a lost season and a franchise player departure. Off the top they chat about Banton, the Toronto native who seems primed to be the next great Raptors' developmental success story, as well as the return of the Raptors 905 program we know and love under the tutelage of coach Patrick Mutumbo. Next, they chat about Toronto's search for a new team identity. Have the team's off-season moves already established one? Or is the jury still out. Lastly, they talk about what they hope to see from the new-look Raptors this season, and talk at length about how important patience will be in 2021-22, both for fans and the franchise alike.

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