Assessing the Toronto Raptors experiment, OG Anunoby's start & the Utah Jazz matchup w/ Joe Wolfond


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In Episode 1059, Sean Woodley is joined by Joe Wolfond (the Score) to talk all about the Toronto #Raptors and the fascinating experiment that is their team building philosophy. They talk off the top about what makes this Raptors team such an interesting one to cover and discuss, regardless of the results, and what is and isn't sustainable about their new wave approach to playing the game. Next, they spend some time talking about OG #Anunoby and the growing pains he's experienced as a regular on-ball option for the Raptors so far this season. Lastly, Sean get's Joe's take on the question of who should be starting for the Raptors each night, before turning their attention to what should be a really interesting matchup against the Utah #Jazz in Salt Lake City on Thursday night.

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