Yamamoto re-signs, What next for the Oilers?


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On today's episode of Locked on Oilers, we talk about the re-signing of Kailer Yamamoto and what that means for the Edmonton Oilers. After the signing, the Oilers are now $423 thousand over the salary cap and still need to re-sign Ryan McLeod, so now what for the Oilers? We talk about the next move and what other options the Oilers might have up-front. Plus, could Xavier Bourgault make the Oilers opening day lineup and be a low-salary option for the Oilers this season? And, the World Juniors are just under a week away; which Edmonton Oiler prospects will be making their way to the WJC and what can you expect from them during the tournament? All that and so much more on today's episode of Locked on Oilers!

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