The Red Wings Look to Take a Step Forward, Gaudreau Makes the Blue Jackets Contenders and Young Talent Is Ready to Pay Off for the Devils


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The Detroit Red Wings have a new goalie and some young talent as they hope to become playoff contenders. But can they make the grade in the very competitive Atlantic Division? Brian Fisher of Locked On Red Wings joins us to discuss the optimism surrounding hockey in the Motor City.

The addition of Johnny Gaudreau has changed the perception of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Jay Forster of Locked On Blue Jackets breaks down the offseason changes in Columbus and how the addition of Johnny Hockey changes things for the Jackets both on and off the ice.

And the New Jersey Devils have a lot of young talent and have added Ondrej Palat to their roster. Trey Matthews of Locked On Devils discusses the team's offseason and why they could make a big jump in 2022-23.

All this and more on the Monday edition of the Locked On NHL Podcast with Gil Martin.

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