The Canadiens Ended Their Losing Streak, Erik Karlsson Continues to Shine for the Sharks and the Kings Are Contenders Again


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The Montreal Canadiens ended their losing streak and look to play better hockey in the second half led by scoring sensation Cole Caufield and coach Martin St. Louis. Laura Saba of Locked On Canadiens joins us to discuss the team's prospects for the second half of the season and what it will take for them to take the next step in their rebuilding program.

Erik Karlsson is playing at an elite level for the Sharks and is on pace for a 100-point season. J.D. Young of Locked On Sharks discusses Karlsson's amazing season and who the Sharks may look to trade at the NHL Trade Deadline including possibly Timo Meier.

And the Los Angeles Kings have overcome some shaky goaltending early to contend in the Pacific Division. Eddie Garcia of Locked On Los Angeles Kings joins us to break down the impact of Kevin Fiala and the surprising goaltending of Pheonix Copley and to discuss what the Kings may look to add before the deadline.

All this and more on today's Locked On NHL Podcast with Gil Martin.

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