Alex Ovechkin Shoots For Gordie Howe, the Panthers Look to Thrive Under Paul Maurice and the Senators Look at Integrate New Stars into their Lineup


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Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals is chasing Gordie Howe and history. Dan Holmi of Locked On Capitals joins us to discuss Ovi's quest plus how the Caps look heading into the new season as they deal with injuries and new goalie Darcy Kuemper.

Plus, the Florida Panthers won the President's Trophy last season but they have a new coach in Paul Maurice and many roster changes. Armando Velez of Locked On Florida Panthers joins us to discuss the new atmosphere in South Florida as the Panthers seek to stay atop the Atlantic Division.

And the Ottawa Senators made many dramatic moves this offseason adding Alex DeBrincat, Claude Giroux and Cam Talbot among others. Ross Levitan of Locked On Senators joins us to discuss how the Sens are integrating the new players into their lineup and to discuss some trade rumors concerning a star defenseman.

All this and more on the Monday edition of the Locked On NHL Podcast with Gil Martin.

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