Fantasy Hockey Mock Draft 4.0: Drafting in the 2nd and 2nd-last Positions in an 8-Team League


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In the latest version of our on-air fantasy hockey mock drafts, Steele and Flip take a different position and in a different set-up of fantasy league by drafting in the 2nd and 2nd-last positions in an 8-team league.

This serves up a bit of a different fantasy hockey angle and one that could help you in your draft. Flip feels comfortable with his selections of Pittsburgh Penguins underrated goalie Tristan Jarry and reigning Vezina Trophy winner in New York Rangers No. 1 Igor Shesterkin. Steele also had some interesting picks on his squad in this fast-and-furious style of draft.

With the 2nd overall selection Steele snagged Edmonton Oilers stud Leon Draisaitl who is obviously a top choice right after his teammate in Connor McDavid but where things get interesting is when Steele took Ottawa Senators star Brady Tkachuk. Do you think Tkachuk is a top-15 fantasy hockey target? Let us know in the comments.

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