Analyzing Top Fantasy Hockey Targets of the Edmonton Oilers with Locked On Oilers Host Brett Holden


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We continue our analysis of some of the top fantasy teams with the most elite options to rule your fantasy pool with a stop in Edmonton and a look into the Oilers with Locked On Oilers host Brett Holden.

There are some big expectations on this Oilers group which means a lot to discuss from a fantasy standpoint, including what's in store for up-and-coming blue-liner Evan Bouchard, who will get a big opportunity to establish himself as a legit fantasy hockey threat in the NHL today.

Jack Campbell's offseason addition to a group that made the Western Conference Final is an intriguing topic for more than a few reasons, including what it means for backup Stuart Skinner. Connor McDavid might be running short on patience if the Oilers fail to make noise in the postseason, but that remains to be seen. So does the overall output of forward Jesse Puljujarvi.

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