Episode 700 - Examining Logan Mailloux's entry-level deal, the Rocket waiver situation and the last round of key training camp battles


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens:

The Montreal Canadiens announced on Wednesday that they have signed 2021 first round pick Logan Mailloux to an entry-level contract. Despite playing just 12 games last year following his suspension in the OHL for off-ice behavior, Kent Hughes believed it was the right time for this deal. Scott takes a look at why he would have waited a little while longer in regards to Mailloux's play to offer him a deal at all.

The Laval Rocket received another huge boost in the form of Alex Belzile, Anthony Richard and Mitchell Stephens clearing waivers on Wednesday afternoon. Scott breaks down what their arrival means for the Rocket, and how expectations are higher than ever before for the Habs AHL affiliate.

Finally, with just two preseason games left and a handful of NHL spots up for grabs who is going to claim them? Scott looks at the back up goalie battle, as well as the role Jesse Ylönen and Rafaël Harvey-Pinard might play for the Habs this season. Also, who is going to make the team on defence out of all the young prospects, and who is going to head to the Laval Rocket after this weekend?

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