Episode 698 - Habs vs. Leafs recap, breaking down Xhekaj and Barron's play, is Kent Hughes planning a trade?


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens:

The Montreal Canadiens have lost another preseason game, dropping a 5-1 contest to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday night. Scott takes a look at where things went wrong, and despite the bad score line, why the Canadiens didn't actually play all that badly.

Following that it's time for a little prospect discussion as Scott compares the preseason efforts of Justin Barron and Arber Xhekaj. While it was assumed Barron would be a lock to make the Habs, his play has suffered a little bit, while Xhekaj has seized much of the opportunity being afforded to him. Is starting in Laval going to be the best course for Barron, while Xhekaj might be a surprise to make the NHL roster.

Finally, the rumors are out and about again and Scott has some thoughts on them. First is the Penguins apparently calling all 31 other NHL teams and saying former first round pick Pierre-Olivier Joseph is available if teams want him. Can the Habs find space for the 23 year old, or is it better to let their current prospect core fight for that spot? The Canucks are also trying to offload Michael Ferland's contract to free up future cap space for upcoming extensions. With the Habs looking to accrue more picks and prospects, could Kent Hughes be interested if the price is right?

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