Episode 697 - Three Up, Three Down from week one of the Montreal Canadiens preseason


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens:

Scott is flying solo this week, and the first order of business is taking a peak at the giant wave of cuts the Canadiens made going into the weekend. Who has earned a spot with the Rocket in their AHL camp, and who is heading back to junior? Is there anyone Scott wanted to see stick around for another game?

Then it's time for the weekly Three Up, Three Down segment!

Scott breaks down which plays left a bit to be desired in their play this week. While there are some expected names on the list, there's a potential unexpected name as well, but not for all the wrong reasons. Can Justin Barron and Juraj Slafkovsky bounce back from slower starts to fully cement their NHL places? Or will a short trip to the AHL serve them both well in the long term?

On the up list however is a mix of everyone! Players destined for the AHL have put in strong showings, while Cole Caufield continues to do Cole Caufield things with frightening regularity, but with added defensive awareness added to his game. Meanwhile the duo of Kaiden Guhle and Arber Xhekaj have brought the hurt to their opponents, while also playing well at both ends of the ice. Can both rookies keep their strong play up, and earn an NHL spot out of training camp?

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