Episode 695 - Habs vs. Leafs reactions, previewing the Jets, and ranking the hottest NHL coaches


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The Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs played the most preseason game of all time, with Toronto having to play two forwards on defence for most of the game. While Montreal fell in their second preseason game there's plenty to look at from the game. Scott and Laura break down their standouts from the game, including first round pick Filip Mesar, and who could be doing a bit more overall.

The Habs have little time to rest as well, as they head to Winnipeg to play the Jets on Thursday evening. The Jets have released their lineup, so who can we expect to suit up for Montreal? Scott and Laura discuss some of the things they'd like to see from the team as they play their third game out of four this week.

Finally, there's a lot of discussion around a highly controversial ranking of NHL coaches, naturally the hosts wade in with their takes on who is actually the most attractive coach in the league right now.

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