Episode 694 - Montreal Canadiens storylines, award odds, and more for the upcoming NHL season


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens:

Locked on Canadiens has teamed up with Jack Bond of Paramount Sports for a unique season preview for the Montreal Canadiens!

While the Habs were always going to be longshots to win much of anything this year, just how long are the odds for the team to win the Stanley Cup? Or the Atlantic Division? What is the actual over/under on the points they're expected to earn this year? We break it all down, and listen to the reasoning behind why the team is more than likely going to finish at the bottom of the standings again.

However, it's not all bad as the Habs have a couple of potential surprises for smart bets this year as well. If the team overachieves at all, could Martin St. Louis steal some Jack Adams votes? Also, can Cole Caufield continue his impressive form from last year and top the 30 goal plateau?

Who will surprise, and can the Montreal Canadiens take the first major strides forward after a disastrous season last year? Tune in to today's Locked on Canadiens season preview with Paramount Sports to find out!

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