Episode 688 - Everyone needs to relax about Juraj Slafkovsky


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens:

With the Prospect Showcase in the rearview mirror and training camp looming just ahead Scott and Laura take a moment to examine the current discussion around first overall pick Juraj Slafkovsky and his performance at the Rookie Showcase. While his point totals were small, the panic about his overall level of play is overblown, and taking time to nurture his growth is going to be key going forward. Patience is a huge factor in the Habs rebuild, and it is no different when applied to Juraj Slafkovsky.

The hosts then dive into a special edition of the mailbag, answering all sorts of listener questions. Who can the Canadiens still bring in on a PTO, what is the ceiling of Logan Mailloux, and who was the underrated star of the Rookie Showcase?

Plus much more!

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