Pete Dash on Slam Mixmarathon Radio Show 26.03.2021


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Happy 2021 Friends! Welcome to another live recording from the mixmarathon on air EVERY WEEK LIVE IN 2021. 🌊 So stoked to have returned for another set at SLAM! with the #MIXMARATHON friday's, supporting all my friends affected from the pandemic in this musical journey into emotional house music. You can tune in LIVE ON AIR every week to join this pre-party w/ NORA & PURE, Son Cole, DJ Licious and many more aired Mar 26! Don't miss out next and JOIN @ Follow me on Spotify & tune in every Fri for your weekly update of the latest Afro, R&B & Deep-House: Follow Slam fm: Soundcloud: @slamfm Follow PETEDASH: Website: Shop: Soundcloud: Twitch: Instagram: Facebook: Join the podcast subscription on Apple Music to listen w/ 535+ minutes of exclusive edits all week long @ Like what you hear? Make sure to follow me on Bandcamp or Songkick to stay connected with my schedule! For tracklisting and inspiration send me a message. Connect With Me:

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