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Sylvie Ellsmore is the Greens mayoral candidate for the City of Sydney in the upcoming NSW local elections. She's running a campaign to make Sydney a city for everyone, not just the rich, with a particular focus on housing and grassroots democracy.

This was a fantastic conversation about the state of local Sydney politics, the legacy of independent mayor Clover Moore and the Greens' vision for how the local city council can play a much more activist role in fixing the truly cooked Sydney housing market. I think you'll find Sylvie's passion ideas inspiring and cool. Go team.

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Sylvie's candidate page

Sylvie's Facebook

Sylvie's instagram

If you live in NSW make sure you're enrolled to vote in the local elections by the end of TODAY (October 25th)

ARTICLE: Greens want the City of Sydney to lead on affordable housing

Check out the federal Greens' policy to build 1 million homes

Cause of the Week: Welcome Merchant (on linktree); book for the Greens for the City of Sydney Dinner Party here

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