The Disease That's Holding You Back


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Somewhere in life, someone started to plant the seeds in your mind that have held you back today. Maybe it was a family member, a teacher, a friend. Words that were projected onto you that you repeat in your mind today that keep you from living the life that you've always wanted to live.
Today, Craig digs deep into the negative thoughts and chatter in our minds. He looks at the science behind those words and how it directly connects to the life you live today. Also, Craig shares tips on how to start making changes right now so you can be on the path you've always wanted to live.
The words we tell ourselves are the first step towards living the life we've always wanted to live. This podcast is here to help you change what you say inside your head.
Today, we talk about:
- How the words you say to yourself dictate what your life is like.
- Where these negative thoughts started and how your past plays a part in them.
- How to turn a conversation or thought away from the negative and toward the positive.
- The power of jouranling and using the written word to change the words in your mind.
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