119 | Worried About Paying For Your Teens College? Kara Walker Shares How She Graduated Debt Free With Money in the Bank!


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Hey Friend! Are you a mom of a teen and worried about paying for your kid's college? As a midlife mom and parent of a teen, paying for college can be stressful! As a Christian mom, you want to avoid debt for your teen, and our guest today tells us how to do it.

I'm so excited to talk with Kara Walker. She's sharing today on the podcast, Life Coach BFF Show, how she paid for her own college and graduated debt free with money in the bank. Thanks so much for listening!

About Kara:

I'm Kara. I too was a stressed college student and over-achiever, looking for money and mental peace. I wondered if there were other ways to pay for college, and wished for clear direction on how to do it! I wanted an easier way to fund college with less anxiety. But I kept telling myself that I had no idea what I was doing… thought I wasn’t finishing school fast enough… AND felt like I would never have enough money to get through it without debt. Until some scholarships and rare school hacks got me going. And I can show you how! In this podcast, you will find mental peace, answers for your future, and enough money to pay for college so that you too can actually, literally graduate debt-free! So grab your cold brew and TI-89, and enroll in the most stress-free and debt-free class you've ever attended: this is Money and Mental Peace.

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*Quick Disclaimer- I'm a coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues.

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