Paterno - The Worst Movie to be Watching at the Worst Time


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Hello there, dear listeners! Apologies once again for another unplanned hiatus! We are back with another new episode, this time all about the 2018 HBO original biopic Paterno, starring Al Pacino and directed by HBO biopic staple, Barry Levinson. This movie and its subsequent research was pretty grim for us, we're not gonna lie, but we're hoping that we put in the tough work to bring you a still enjoyable episode! So with that, we hope you enjoy!

Sources: Luciew, John, and The Staff of The Patriot-News. Hear No Evil: How the Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal Rocked Penn State, Toppled Joe Paterno and Stunned a Nation. The Patriot-News Co., 2011.

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