Classic - All The President's Men - Still A Totally Not Relevant Film


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Hello there, dear listeners! Your illustrious hosts have unfortunately had a bit of a busy January that led us to have some difficulty getting in the same room to record our latest episode on The Post, but fear not! In the mean time, we're re-releasing our episode on All The President's Men that originally aired August 6, 2017, as it is a great primer for a bunch of what we'll be talking about with The Post. And we'll be back in two weeks for an all new episode! See you then, and we hope you enjoy this classic episode!


Join us as we discuss the 1976 Alan J. Pakula film All The President's Men, about intrepid journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and their quest to uncover the truth about the Watergate story that eventually took down President Richard Nixon, which definitely has NO relevancy to anything happening in the United States today... We also get into some hard-hitting present-day political commentary! We hope you enjoy!


All The President's Men Revisited. Dir. Peter Schnall. Discovery Channel, 2013. TV Movie.

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