Appreciating legacy of Dwayne Haskins, previewing Buckeyes spring game


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Ohio State hasn't finalized all the details for the exhibition game itself yet either. But Saturday will certainly be memorable for the Buckeyes on a number of different fronts, and the Lettermen Live crew chatted about all of that on Monday at Roosters.

Former Buckeyes Bobby Carpenter and Justin Zwick, Nicole Cox of Roosters and Lettermen Row staffers Spencer Holbrook and Austin Ward had another wide-ranging conversation, and the spring game was just one of the many topics covered.

Among the other discussion points about Ohio State:

- Personal memories of Dwayne Haskins.

- The problems with how the incident was covered by some national outlets.

- Buckeyes to watch on Saturday in the Horseshoe.

- How much stock to put in a spring game at Ohio State.

- Appetizer Tuesday, which will feature fried mushrooms this week.

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