Call of Cthulhu - To Put Away Childish Things 7


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Mildred Danforth – Lisa Vivian Pemberton – Regina Georgie Prince – Jesse Harry Stanton – John H Keeper – Oscar Rios The team does the one thing you should never do, split up. Vivian heads down to the Doctor's office to try and find the items Roxanne said should be there. Viv finds a record, a number of journals and box of tea along with a broken phonograph player. She grabs everything but the phonograph and heads back up to Mildred and Melvin. Georgie and Harry follow Black Claws out into the woods and on the way to the cabin are attacked by animated bushes. They are able to push through and make it to the cabin where they find a decent amount of supplies. After loading up they head out only to be confronted by Lynette. Twitter CORE on Reddit CORE Discord CORE on Facebook CORE Products: Theme music created by Brett Miller

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