Call of Cthulhu - To Put Away Childish Things 6


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Mildred Danforth – Lisa Vivian Pemberton – Regina Georgie Prince – Jesse Harry Stanton – John H Keeper – Oscar Rios The party tries to convince Melvin that everything he has been experiencing is real. As day dips towards night they spend a few hours fortifying the room and sleep in watches. In the morning there's a commotion as the crows seem to be on the attack. Georgie runs to one of the front rooms and sees the crows harassing a large cat. He plinks one of the crows with a brick to try and help the cat. The cat takes the opportunity to flee to the woods just as another, even larger cat, makes it's way into the building. The cat, Black Claws, has brought a hare and a message. Lynette has the group trapped in the hospital but she's willing to lead a group to a cabin in the woods that has supplies in it. In the meantime Harry realizes there's a wheelchair in the hall that wasn't there before. When he brings it into the room Vivian sees ghost orbs around the chair and begins to get an itch in her hand. She finds some paper and begins automatic writing. The not says sit in the chair and let me in. Vivian feels like the spirit isn't malevolent so she agrees. The spirit is that of a young girl named Roxanne. She knew Melvin and Lynette killed her in the Dreamlands. She explains that the doctor at the hospital taught the kids how to be Dreamers and that Melvin created Lynette. Twitter CORE on Reddit CORE Discord CORE on Facebook CORE Products: Theme music created by Brett Miller

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